At Anna's Women's Home, you can start all over again without violence


Violence against women, domestic violence, abuse, social control or threats? Have you experienced any of it? Or is your right to decide over your own life violated? Then you are welcome call us anonymously at all times. We are open 24 hours a day, every day, and you can show up unannounced.


Do you suspect that someone else is exposed to violence or threats? As a friend, sister or mother of a victim of violence, you can always call us anonymously. Professionals can also call and get advice.


Anna’s Women’s Home is a women’s shelter, cf. section 109 of the Danish Service Act. We have room for 11 women and their children.


Telephone counseling: +45 71 99 61 70

Address: Stokholmsvej 2C, 3060 Espergærde



We are located in Espergærde, north of Copenhagen, and there is only 1.4 kilometers to the Espergærde train and bus station as well as a shopping center. Moreover, we have a bus stop right outside our door.



How we can help



We are a women’s shelter where you can get a temporary home if you have been exposed to violence, threats of violence or a similar crisis in relation to family or cohabitation.


However, you cannot stay with us if you have an addiction or an untreated psychiatric disorder. It is our manager who decides on admission and discharge.


There are no rules for how long you can stay in a shelter, but most women are with us between two and six months.

About women's shelters


Once you have a place in a shelter

Pack your own (and your children’s) most important things.


Checklist list for inspiration:

  • Clothes for you and your children
  • All official papers about yourself and your children (if possible): Marriage certificates, baptismal certificates, passports, residence permits, immigration papers, education papers etc.
  • NemID, health insurance card, driver’s license
  • Debit cards and money
  • Key to your home and car if possible
  • Phone and charger
  • Some toys for your kids
  • Cozy things and / or things that mean something to you


We look forward to helping you move on to a life without violence for you and your children.



What does it cost to live in a shelter?

When you live in a shelter, your home municipality may charge a smaller amount per. day, but depending on your expenses, we can help you apply for any reduction of deductible.


A safe place

Anna’s Women’s Shelter in North Zealand is monitored and has a high level of security around our women and children. Therefore, it is important that you protect yourself and others by not telling others where you are going when you move to us.

Our offer


First and foremost, we offer you safety, security and care in a quiet environment, so you can start a new life alone or with your children.


You will be offered help and support to deal with the violence you and your children have been exposed to, and you will be given tools to recover from what you and your children have experienced.


While you live in the house, we support you and offer you tools that make it easier to continue life when you return to a more ordinary everyday life. You get a contact team that can support, guide and advise you both in relation to the difficult mental things, but also with more practical things, such as divorce, child support, housing, budgets etc.


We organize a course based on the wishes and dreams that you and your children have about a good non-violent life.


Please note that when you live in a shelter, you are entitled to 10 hours of psychological help.



Annas Women's Shelter is for kids as well




We have a family department, playroom and playground. Here, your children are greeted by staff who understand and can accommodate children, as well as their reactions after experiencing mental or physical violence.



Children are offered care, new experiences and conversations with our pediatric staff. In addition, it is possible to offer them appointments with a psychologist while they are here with their mother.